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Facility Management

Now it has to be noted that senior living facilities are on the rise these days. Now, these facilities have some unique electrical needs. We Shailendra & Das Co work together with the owners, developers and general contractors to establish a comfortable housing for the elderly. From building maintenance to senior citizen facility we provide competitive electrical bids and great service.
With our new technology we ensure that the facility management is always headache free. Our company has trained technicians who are capable of managing scheduled services and can ensure that all administration are being handled professionally. Shailendra & Das Co has got you all covered from designing a solution, programmed facilities management and new installations. Thus Shailendra & Das Co can be regarded as the totally dependable electrical service We handle facilities management on turnkey basis. We constantly motivate of our group of technicians and engineers with a sole target of attaining faultlessness, commitment and flexible working hours. With a aim focused on eminence, simple installation, cost effectiveness we provide a great variety of electrical system on our watch. Furthermore we can handle any complex project with a good manpower resources. Our unbeaten track record on electrical services proves that we are capable of handling challenges that comes our way

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