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About Us

About Us

We are a group of qualified engineers with a clear vision to inculcate a culture of livelihood generation through professional participation & contribution in the process of economic development of the country.

Our Objectives

It shall be the endeavour of the company to achieve the following objectives through interaction in the current techno-industrial development scenario exhibited by global corporate culture.

It shall be a continuous, comprehensive and consistent process undertaken by the company with evolving global standards applicable for electro – mechanical projects to achieve the objectives.

- To culminate our services into satisfaction of all concerned & related population. (Traders, manufacturers, clients, workers, customers & society).

- To develop quality consciousness level.

- To develop & inculcate occupational health & safety management norms & culture.

- To inculcate and motivate environmental management system.

- To undertake corporate social responsibility with professional & user friendly approach.

- To develop & sustain competitor – friendly professional relationship with initiative eliminating wasteful economic competitions.

- To work for innovation & creativity.

- To document and work as resource – center for research & development work.

- To build-up a network of professionals in related & allied fields to look for holistic development of the country.